A community is only as strong as its foundation, and for over 40 years, CNE has been providing the building blocks necessary to ensure that children in Evanston and its surrounding communities have access to quality early education programs.  Research has shown that without this quality care during the early childhood years - birth to five - a child's chance for future educational, professional and personal success is greatly compromised, thus having a great impact on the stability and overall health of a community.  CNE believes in providing children, parents, and teachers with the tools needed to build a solid educational foundation so that every child is ready to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

CNE is the community resource building strong foundations for young children through access to high quality early education and family support.
About CNE
While CNE is building a supportive partnership with you and your family, we are also turning to our partners of like-minded local community organizations and state and federal agencies to help build a foundation for your child to achieve success in school and in life.
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