CORPORATE DONORS (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Amazon Smile Libertyville Bank and Trust
Baird & Warner MacArthur Foundation (matching funds) 
BMO Financial Group Marketing Innovators (in-kind donation)
The Brown Team at Baird Warner Microsoft Rewards
Byline Bank Micro-Tech U.S.A
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (corporate match) Miller Cooper & Co. Charitable Foundation
Cloverleaf Group NorthShore University Health System
Erie Family Health Centers Northwestern University
Facebook Payments (Meta) Old National Bank
Firehouse Grill Old Second Bank
Florence-Houston, LLC Polsinelli PC
Heil & Heil Insurance Agency LLC Robinson Financial
IMC Roycemore School
John J. Cahill, Inc. Sensata Technologies
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation Shinsen
Kim Brothers Coffee House St. John Newman Parish Men's Club
Kirkland & Ellis (corporate match)  

INDIVIDUAL DONORS (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

* denotes member of the CNE Connectors Circle

Anonymous (various) Laura and Matthew Gray Erin and Mitch Omori
Dominique Allman* Hilary Green and Matt Menzies Tom and Cathy Omundson
Danny and Andrea Alpert Eric and Pam Greenfield Ameeta Patel
Fran Alpert James Griffin and Jennifer Bierman Roshni Patel
Iris Alpert Alec and Patricia Guroff Tonise Paul and Eric Harkna*
Eileen Alps Vicky Guzman Scott Pemberton
Allan Alson and Sue Ann Glaser Kelli and Bill Handel Anna and Awonke Phewa
Samia Amamoo Hans and Anjana Hansen Sarah Pichert
Paul and Martha Arntson* Brian Hanson and Karen Alter-Hanson* Anne and Dave Pike
Marsha Barnett and John McKnight Joseph and Josephine Harrison Sara Pitt*
Jonny and Alison Basofin* Shannon Harvey Anthony Priore
Michael and Nancy Basofin Ty and Paul Harvey* Kate and Paul Proto
Gabrielle Berger John and Joanne Hasmonek Neal Brady and Tracy Quattrocki
Loren Berlin and John Finan Rachel Hayman and Ed Michael* Karen Randolph
Steve Bernstein and Jeanne Cleveland Margaret Hessler Jennifer and Chris Reddick
Troy Bienash and Tom Kowalczyk Dave and Liane Hodgman* Ward and Karen Reeves
Jill and Rick Blabolil Emilie Hogan William and Eleanor Revelle*
Peter Blain Hilary and Clint Holder* Marques and Meghan Rice
Jenny and Dave Blickenstaff* Roberta Holzmueller Marsha Richman and Dick Lanyon
Rebecca Blickenstaff Juchien Hsu Catherine Rocca
Jeff Boarini* Karen Hunt* Gabe and Beth Rodriguez
Barbara and Ron Borden Karen Jared Maura Rogan
Tony and Julie Bordo Chantell Johnson and Christopher Glomp* Ken Rolling and Rochelle Davis
Kathleen and Charles Brady Russell Johnson Jim Rosenberg and Deborah Hamilton
Tammy and Michael Breitman Talaya Johnson Steve Roth*
Paul and Sue Brenner* Daniel and Lindsey Kach Alan and Patty Rubin
Michael Brody and Elizabeth Ester Kathy Kahn Alicia Salinas
Anne and Noah Brown Nathaniel Katz Sara and Horst Schastok
Sandra and Charles Brown Rhea Keenan Judy and David Schiffman*
Tanya Brown Joanne Kelly Pamela Schmoll and Jim Entwistle
Carl Brownell and Jeanine O'Nan Brownell Judy and Bob Kemp Barbara Schwarz and Tom Klitzkie
Tim and Vickie Burke Jill and Andy Kidd Tom and Lisa Seeger
Andrea Bushala and William Springer Rachel and Ben Klayman Alexandra Shea
Pam Butterfield Katie Krone George and Lynne Simon*
Sue Canter Carolyn Krulee David and Julie Singer
Krista and Philip Canton Liz and Steve Krupkin Larry Singer and Maureen Richnak
Judy and Jeb Christensen Carolyn and Michael Laughlin Ann and Steve Smith
Cathy Clark Suzanne Lefevre and Tom Lenz Marisha Speights Atkins
Diana Cohen and David Spitulnik Diane and Tuner Lequar* Nyika and Daryle Strickland
Bettye Cohns Wendy Levin Ken and Mary Sullivan
Ellen Collins Tracy and Mark Levine Jeff and Carol Teske*
Mary and Mark Collins Jeff and Corrine Linderoth Lauren Teske and Troy Gaub
Henry and Harriet Conroe Anne Linehan Melissa and Rob Thompson
Jennifer Coyne Debbie Loeb Anne Tillett
Janalee and James Croegaert Susie Merry Maddelein Elizabeth Tisdahl
Barbara and Michael Davis* Letitia and Jeff Mann Kate and Danny Todd
Stephanie Davis and Brad Dunlap Jen Marino Kathleen Tribble-Strong
Kelly Marcelle and Tim Davitt Mark Marquardt and Hajira Majid John and Tracey Unger
Chris de Brauw and Tracy Teweles Julia and Bruce McBratney Therese and Mark VandeHey*
Kiki Demopoulos and Dave Hessert Mark and Kathy McCarville Megan Vandehey
Melissa and Andrew Demopoulos Peg and Tiny McLaughlin Manisha Virupannavar
Fred and Gigi Dingraudo Deepa Mehta Claire Waistell
Barbara Dolinger Josh and Lisa Mendelson Margaret Waldron
Jane and Dave Doyle* Sheila Merry and Tom Pitt* Michael and Betsy Waller
Ann and Jim Driscoll Mekhala Middleton Leslie and Steve Warner
Brandi Efiom Beth Miles Sandra Waxman
Sue C. Scheffler Ellis Casey Miller and Lee Ann Russo Lea Weems
Linda and Dan Feeney Shelby Montague Caryl Weinberg
Sharon Feigon and Steven Bialer* Douglas and Mary Moring Adriana Weisleder
David and Sheila Fenn Kendra Morrill and Bret Johnson Val and Rob Weiss*
Paul and Mary Finnegan* Carol Mullins Laurie Weissler
Missy Fleming and Jack Block Maggie Mulqueen and Alan Steele Emily and Randy Wexler*
Ericka and Nathan Foster* Susan Munro Jane and Jeremy Wilson*
Ellen and Jeff Gilbert Bridget and Derek Nelson Mary-Ann Wilson
Craig and Michal Golden Marvin and Marianne Nelson Deborah Wolen
Harry Goldin and Jane Kaplan Angelo Nikolov James Wolinski
John and Bethany Goodman Carole Nimrod Travis Wood
Paul Goren and Gwen Macsai Taishiya Nix Nancy and Bill Ziegelmueller
Kathryn Grant Katie and Erik Ojala Mark and Margie Zivin*


Allie Baker Stephanie Galioto Angelo Nikolov
Maria and Steve Ballantyne Julia Goldberg Eunie and Jim Nondorf
Jonny and Alison Basofin Susan Gundlach Ann Onderdonk
Jennifer Bellis Margaret Hessler Kate Pearce
Karen Berkowsky Evan Howell Elisabeth Perez
Loren Berlin and John Finan Taylor Hubbarth Ted Pickus
Megan Berryhill Elizabeth Ilbawi Sarah and David Quinn
Troy Bienash and Tom Kowalczyk Talaya Johnson Jennifer and Chris Reddick
Jenny and Dave Blickenstaff Susan Kaplan Elizabeth Restivo
Debbie Boileve Rhea Keenan Hana Samuels
Katie Bowe Katie and Kevin Kelly Jana Sievers
Paul and Sue Brenner Jill and Andy Kidd Kathy Smith and Caesar Tabet
Sandra and Charles Brown Andrea Lang Kevin Stein
Sue Canter Jeff and Corrine Linderoth Kathryn and Rob Swarczewski
Dee Dee and Rick Chesley Rachel and Josh Liss Lauren Teske and Troy Gaub
Sophia and Andy Christensen Seema and Jeremy Malveaux Kathleen Tribble-Strong
Chrissy and Mike Cornell Ashley Martucci Mamta Valderrama
Melissa and Andrew Demopoulos Beth Miles Chris and Kelly VanAvermaete
Helena Dotson Shelby Montague Therese and Mark Vande Hey
Kristin Dow Kendra Morrill and Bret Johnson Claire Weingarden
Ann and Jim Driscoll Carol Mullins Emily and Randy Wexler
Stephanie Engstrom Susan Munro Amishi Williamson
Paul and Mary Finnegan Carol Muskin Susan Wishnick
Nora Freeman Carolyn and Ben Myszkowski  
Sara Friedman Lorena Neal