FOUNDATION AND CORPORATE DONORS (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019)

ArcelorMittal (matching funds) MacArthur Foundation (matching funds) 
The Brown Team at Baird Warner Miller Cooper & Co. Charitable Foundation
Cloverleaf Group Much Shelist, P.C.
DBS Microsystems, Inc. NorthShore University Health System
Evanston Township High School Philanthropy Club Northwestern University
First Midwest Bank Charitable Foundation Polsinelli PC
Freeborn & Peters Prudential Financial, Inc. (matching funds)
John J. Cahill, Inc. St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Libertyville Bank & Trust Wine Goddess


INDIVIDUAL DONORS (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019):

Anonymous (various) Anjana and Hans Hansen Katie Ojala
Rick and Molly Aceves Elizabeth Hanson Cathy and Tom Omundson
Martha and Paul Arntson Karen Alter-Hanson and Brian Hanson Tonise Paul and Eric Harkna
Ness Baagil and Tom Cummins Jo and Jeph Harrison Nicki and Greg Pearson
Katie and Wynn Bailey Mary Ann (Ty) and Paul Harvey Anna and Awonke Phewa
Marsha Bennett and John McKnight Joanne and John Hasmonek Susie and John Pratt
Jonny and Alison Basofin Rachel Hayman and Ed Michael Sharon and Clay Purdy
Terry Beem Liane and Dave Hodgman Jacqueline Quern
Jennifer Bierman and James Griffin Terri and Greg Hummel Sarah and David Quinn
Jill and Rick Blabolil Karen Hunt Karen Randolph
Jenny and Dave Blickenstaff Martha and John Idler Jennifer and Chris Reddick
Rebecca Blickenstaff Chantell Johnson Patty and Robert Reece
Richard Bloom Odette Johnson Andrea and Peter Reinhart
Barbara and Ronald Borden Talaya Johnson Eleanor and William Revelle
Tammy and Michael Breitman Just S.E.W., in memory of Phyllis Weiland Jenny and Greg Richards
Sue and Paul Brenner Jane Kaplan and Harry Goldin Maureen Richnak and Larry Singer
Anne and Noah Brown Christine and Richard Karger Patty and Alan Rubin
Sandra and Charles Brown Rhea Keenan Alicia Salinas
Jeanine O'Nan Brownell and Carl Brownell Katie and Kevin Kelly Sara and Horst Schastok
Pam Butterfield Amy and Mark Kestenbaum Judy and David Schiffman
Eileen and Eric Canafax Jill and Andy Kidd Deanne Schuette and Brooke Saucier
Susan Canter Beth and Bill Kies Kelly and Gerrick Short
Patti and Chuck Carrington Samantha and Mitchell Kiven Ann Sickon and Mark Swift
Michael Caruso Becky and Jeff Kremin Lynne and George Simon
Kay Castle-Brinker Carolyn Krulee Helen Smith
Cathy Clark Liz and Steve Krupkin Jennifer Sobiesk and Colin Wexler
Jeanne Cleveland and Steve Bernstein Carolyn and Michael Laughlin Nyika and Daryle Strickland
Diana Cohen and David Spitulnik Lauren and Jon Laughlin Mary and Ken Sullivan
Chrissy and Mike Cornell Diane and Tuner Lequar Maureen and Mike Sullivan
Jennifer Coyne Barbara and Ken Lieberman Kathryn and Rob Swarczewski
Barbara and Michael Davis Corrine and Jeff Linderoth Heather and John Sweeney
Stephanie Davis and Brad Dunlap Ellen Lindsey Mary Lee Swiatowiec
Carron and Ben DeGrass Debbie Loeb Carol and Jeff Teske
Melissa and Andrew Demopoulos Cheryl Lulias and Peter O'Brien Melissa and Rob Thompson
Barbara Dolinger Kelly Lundin Elizabeth Tisdahl
Erin and Sam Dotzler Amanda and Dave Mabie Kathy Tribble-Strong
Jane and Dave Doyle Gwen Macsai and Paul Goren Therese and Mark VandeHey
Robin Drayer Letitia and Jeff Mann Lara Vaive
Elizabeth Ester and Michael Brody Lynne and Dan Mapes-Riordan Sarah and Mike Wagner
Abbey Eusebio Kelly Marcelle and Tim Davitt Bryant Wallace
Julie Fenton and Stuart Chanen Mary Pat Martin Betsy and Mike Waller
Jean Ferrone Kathy and Mark McCarville Amy and John Ward
Mary and Paul Finnegan Therese McGuire and Rob Porter Leslie and Steve Warner
Missy Fleming and Jack Block Sheila Merry Caryl Weinberg
Jeff and Jennifer Froelich Vicky and Mike Mertz Val and Rob Weiss
Mary and Larry Gavin Sue Monson Laurie Weissler
Ellen and Jeff Gilbert Carrington and Shelby Montague Andrea Wich
Sue Ann Glaser and Allan Alson Shelby Montague and Tom Campobasso Jane and Jeremy Wilson
Michal and Craig Golden Mary and Douglas Moring Cynthia and Eric Witherspoon
Diane Goldring Kendra Morrill and Bret Johnson Barbara Zimmer
Alison Gordon Denise and Mike Mulica Deena Zimmerman
Laura and Matt Gray Carol Mullins  
Griffin Family Charitable Foundation Carolyn and Ben Myszkowski  
Vicky Guzman Bridget and Derek Nelson  
Kelli and Bill Handel Marianne and Marvin Nelson  


Dominique Allman-Papa Elena Gonzalez Tom Murphy
Joyce and Chris Anderson Annie Grossman Carolyn Myszkowski
Martha Arntson Susan Gundlach Bridget Nelson
Maria Ballantyne MaryAnn (Ty) Harvey Gretchen Nord
Jonny and Alison Basofin Elizabeth Heinz North End Mothers' Club
Lela Beem Maggie Hessler Sarah Olson
Petra Belcher Elizabeth Higgins Jennifer O'Shaughnessy
Jessalyn Bertone Juchien Hsu Tonise Paul
Jennifer and Steve Bishop Keith Isselhardt Jennifer Moreno Reddick
Jennifer Blickenstaff Talaya Johnson & Ericka Wrencher Sussethe Renteria
Debbie Boileve Chris Junkerman Onnie Rogers
Sue Brenner Sarah Kalinowski Saint Nicholas Church
Kristin Brown Susan Kaplan Samantha Schwimmer
Karen Burey Katie Kelly Katy Shapiro
Betsi Burns Jill Kidd Sheil School of Religion
Marian Casey Elizabeth Lack Kim Snyder & Keith Stocks
Rhonda Cohen Anne Linehan Lauren Teske
Josie Corbett Rachel Liss Tracy Teweles
Covenant Preschool families Seema & Jeremy Malveaux Julie Thilman
Jennifer Coyne Jessica Mandel Toddler Town Evanston
Bea Douma Katie Martin Jessica Trenkle
Ann Driscoll Usha & Ajit Mehta Lara Vaive
Evanston Township HS Community Service Club Shelby Montague Nicki Walker
Lynn Fiedler Laury Morrison Shirlene Ward
Taryn Fisher Susan Munro Jenny York
    Nancy Ziegelmueller